TEKTRONIX 577, 576, 370, 371, 370A, 371A, 370B, 371B Curve Tracers REPAIRS       REFURBISHING     CALIBRATION



TEKTRONIX 576 with ONE YEAR WARRANTY and our exclusive USB interface upgrade is only $3950

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Who says you have to pay $20,000+ to get a high power semiconductor curve tracer with memory storage, computer interface and cursor measurements??

Let us add these capabilities to your venerable Tek 576 or 577 and save you $18,250.00 in the process. Our modification will enable you to document your measurements on a PC, print screen shots, do quick comparison against stored measurements and get rid of flicker and retrace. All you need is a PC. Watch the DEMO1  and  DEMO2
Worried about offshore components not meeting OEM specs? Just a quick test with a curve tracer will identify counterfeit semiconductors against a know good sample, and save you a lot of future headaches and protect your business from potential future liabilities.
NO MORE SQUINTING ON A SMALL DIM SCREEN! You will be able to continue operating your TEK 577, 576 curve tracer even if it has a dead CRT!.

We stock hard to find replacement floppy drives for Tektronix 370A & Tektronix 371A  p/n 119-3456-XX

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Measuring Power MOSFET Characteristics with Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer http://www.vishay.com/docs/90715/an957.pdf

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